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Conejo Cactus And Succulent Society is a member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA).

Conejo Cactus And Succulent Society
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April 3, 2024

California Lutheran University
Lundring Events Center
130 Overton Court
Thousand Oaks, CA 93021
EMail: conejocss@hotmail.com




April Speaker - Jeff Moore Dudleya Presentation

My talk and PowerPoint presentation will follow the flow of the new Dudleya book that I have co-written with Jeremy Spath and Kelly Griffin (projected book arrival date will hopefully be May 2024). It will cover most if not all of the currently described species of this California and Baja genus. Images will show plants in habitat as well as cultivation, with advice on growing plants in captivity and an emphasis on conservation.

Images were taken by all three authors as well as contributors from the Dudleya community. Kelly and Jeremy have visited and photographed nearly all species in situ— most of the habitat photos are quite stunning, often with beautiful ocean or cliffside backdrops.

I became interested in succulents in the early 80s after seeing a display of Rudy Lime's bonsai succulents at the San Diego County Fair. I sold succulents in my spare time at street fairs and farmer's markets for a few years before opening Solana Succulents in 1992, at the same location I'm still at. I am primarily a succulent retail shop - with the benefit of being located close to some of the premier growers in California and a long list of friends and contacts in the business. I used to do a bit of succulent landscaping, but have phased out of doing much of that anymore, aside from some consulting. I wrote my first book in 2014, followed by three more, then a book on Agaves co-written with Jeremy Spath, and will soon have my sixth book, also with Jeremy and Kelly Griffin as well.

I have been on the speakers circuit since 2014 as well, and have spoken to most of the cactus clubs in CA, AZ, and a few excursions to Texas, Portland, and New England. I haven't done a lot of field work until the past few years, but in researching the Agave and Dudleya books I've had the chance to botanize quite a bit in Northern Baja and Oaxaca, as well as California. Until recently I wasn't very involved with the CSSA (running my nursery primarily solo takes a lot of time), but I was recently elected to the board of the CSSA and am currently awaiting assignment.

I'm married with two adult sons, and surfed most of my life until the body told me otherwise.

Linda's Home Garden

Linda's Home Garden